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Normal & Pathological

from Smarter Than A Lettuce by Three Ninjas

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let me give it to you bro and get it off my chest
i will MURDER you if you sit on my desk
i'll take pictures with my phone and send them to your boss
and i'll tell all the girls you're the fat guy from Lost
i do not like you
at all
you think you compensate for your weight with talent
but i compensate by being a prick
and it's worked our really great
i make more money than you
i get more girls
i drive a better car
and i never feel the need to sit on someone's desk
i do not like you
at all

when you die nothing happens and this makes me want to commit
to making something great happen right now while i'm young
i just need to convince the right people i'm the one
but the movers and shakers are busy moving and shaking lesser men
less interested men
i'd go so far as to say i can save the world with music
but only if the world allows me to save it
monica said i could save her with music but only if i agreed to save john too
and i guess that's implied but still
it's not up to her it's up to him
i make myself sick with guilt cause i'm a fucking idiot
because i do things i think are right but if i thought it through a little bit more
i'd realize i'm a fucking idiot
i should take these clothes back to the store
because it's getting harder and harder to starve myself
and i'm not going to lose the weight to fit into these
i have nightmares about Hoarders and i'm sicking of hearing about how brave i am
ok i get it you think i'm strong
but i i didn't really do anything i lived with my sister and her house was clean
and while i'm at it stop telling me that women should love me because
i've always found this intrinsically absurd

we don't sleep
we are at peace
we don't sleep
we are at peace

let me give it to you bro and get it off my chest
you think you're so smart but i'm not impressed
you have the free phone you can't listen to pandora
and that fishbowl you're in and your mom is a hoarder
i do not like you
at all
you think you compensate for your weight with music
but people take one look at you and ignore all your music
they can tell you lack confidence and your arrogance is a facade
and it doesn't help things that you don't believe in God
i do not like you
at all


from Smarter Than A Lettuce, released April 1, 2010


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Three Ninjas New Orleans, Louisiana

Three Ninjas is a musician from New Orleans, LA.

Liberal feminist country singer.

Fucked up songs with swears and stuff. Getting dumped a lot. Alcohol. That kind of thing.

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